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It works well for me and I like the extra energy it gives me. My wife has also had good luck with Somaya Life® offering relief to her allergies.

Don, Utah

We want to see our spouses, our kids, our families healthy - But don’t forget about yourself! You deserve to be healthy too.

“What is this going to do for me?” Gut health! It’s simple and will put your stomach in line and back on track.

Jay, Ohio

Somaya Life®, it’s changed my life to be honest. I’ve had issues with my digestive system my whole life. It’s made an absolute, night and day difference.

I just turned 40 this year. I have Bell’s Palsy and some other old man problems. By taking this anthrobiotic, I’m now in the best shape of my life.

Doug, Utah

Do you know of anyone with acid reflux? My experience is that Somaya Life® will make a significant difference to acid reflux in 3 days, providing an immediate relief!

Don, Utah

When you have Somaya Life®, it works. 100% I wouldn’t have believed it until I participated!

I’ve had diverticulitis for several years and have had two colonoscopies. The surgical tech said it was the worst colon they’ve seen. I’ve been on Somaya Life® a year and a half and take 4 a day, two night and two morning! Now I don’t have the flare ups like I used to. It’s made a world of difference. I can eat what I want.

Vaughn, Utah

I have been taking one morning and night. I had a fall last year when I slipped on tile and sliced open an inch gap in my finger that I should have gotten stitched, it was a deep gash. Within a week it was closed up and healed, I have no doubt that being healthier with Somaya Life® made that happen. It really surprised me!

Paul, Idaho

Since we’ve been taking Somaya Life®, we really haven’t gotten sick. If we feel like we are getting a cold or something, we just take a few more capsules and we don’t get sick.

Paul, Idaho

I have inflammation and a small amount of arthritis in my knees, but I just up my Somaya Life® daily until it goes away. My brother had a surgery and during weather changes the incision site flares up, but with Somaya Life® the pain goes away.

Lamar, Missouri

Kids and babies, if they get diarrhea Somaya Life® is the one thing we have found that works.

Babies with upset stomach, spitting up and acid reflux – Somaya Life® is our go to. I have multiple moms using it. I know one had a baby who would wake up multiple times at night from acid reflux pain. Started on Somaya Life® and now sleeps the whole night through.

Lamar, Missouri

I visit with more and more people on Somaya Life®. It’s not just about animal, human, and pet health – It’s about whole health for our whole world!

A number of people who use it and continue to use it are amazed that they are staying healthy –I’m not surprised they are staying healthy, I know Somaya Life® works.

Tom, Minnesota

I had a messed up knee last spring, I went to the doctor and he took 90cc of fluid off the knee and the doctor was expecting to need to do surgery. I started taking 12 Somaya Life® a day for 4 weeks and never needed to do surgery and the doctor agreed I was good to go.

NS, Pennsylvania

We stay in good health, everyone in the family takes it. If we get a little bit of something, a cold or runny nose, we just take an extra Somaya Life® or two and things just go away!

NS, Pennsylvania

Having nasal blockage issues, numerous sinus infections, and even sinus surgery to open up the passage; I went to 5 Somaya Life® a day and am now able to drop all the other stuff and herbal supplements I was using. I now feel better than ever!

AM, New York

My wife and I take it every day. We don’t get sick at all and we’re not vaccinated. If we are exposed to something or were around people that were sick; it’s nice not to worry about getting sick, we don’t worry about going out.

Regularly my wife takes 1 a day and I take 2-3 a day depending on how I feel. I step it up to 6 a day if I needed to fly or are in close quarters with others.

Jim, Pennsylvania

They talk about us needing to be vaccinated, but what about supporting our immune system and keeping it healthy? The value of taking two pills a day and spending that on your health is well worth that! It’s the cheapest way to health and supporting our immune system – Our everyday health is worth it. Somaya Life® is a great product!

Bill, Ohio

You don’t know scared until you have someone tell you, ‘You have a tumor.’ When I had my tumor removed it was surgery on my pituitary gland, where they enter through the nasal cavity which has a lot of risk for swelling and infection. After surgery, my bloodwork was excellent and that has a lot to do with the health of my immune system. I was out of the hospital in 1 day verses the projected 3-4 days. Somaya Life® was my first step and I thank God I was on it, I’ll take all the help I can get. I’m not a doctor, but I know it’s a great product and it works for me. Everyone I know should be on Somaya Life®!

Bill, Ohio

In talking to my friend, she also came down with Covid-19 and she didn’t take anything for her symptoms. She was extremely sick for 12 days straight with same symptoms as my daughter, but much more intense. Thanks to Somaya Life®, I feel my daughter was able to kick it quickly and no one else in the family tested positive or experienced any symptoms during our quarantine of 14 days.

Carla Riesterer-Brunette, WI

“Tom's parents are in their 80s and are taking 2 capsules each day since the pandemic started. They remain in good health, believe in the Gold Spike H and look forward to transitioning to Somaya Life®.”

Lisa H., MN

“When I first started taking Somaya Life®, I didn't notice a huge difference in how I felt. I'm generally a pretty healthy person, so I feel good most of the time. When Spring hit, that's when I noticed a huge difference! On days when the pollen is worse, I just double up on the Somaya Life® and it works like a charm. I understand the science behind the product, but I was still pretty shocked at how much it helped.”

Morgan B., WI

“Taking Somaya Life® provided a constant improvement on our health. After this experience we concluded that we are fortunate to have Somaya Life® at hand and feel no doubt Somaya Life® helped modulate our immune response…We feel that Somaya Life® really helped us to pass through these difficult days without any major damage.”

Gerardo L., Mexico

“Somaya Life® has been extremely beneficial to me during these times. My wife and I both take Somaya Life® daily to help regulate and support our immune systems.”

Mark R., WI

“Helps tremendously with gut health. I would recommend.”

Eric B., WI

“I have been using Priority products for I believe 14 years.  The products just flat outwork.  Needless to say, I have promoted what has now become Somaya Life® to many people facing health issues.  It’s amazing what your body will do with an immune system that’s built up 3-400%.”

Bill I., Ohio

“Somaya Life® is an amazing product, it really change my life and the way I use to treat my health challenges…Trust your gut with the Smart Strains of beneficial bacteria.”

Daniel R., Ecuador

“My wife and I have been taking Gold Spike, then Gold Spike-H, now Somaya Life® for almost 9 years. We take a maintenance level of Somaya Life® everyday and if we ever feel OFF, we double up. Our health has improved greatly…This works for me and my family along with the group of people I sell to. Just this past week a lady called to reorder and her praise about Somaya Life® just bubbled out of her. Now her husband will be giving it a try as well. Many thanks to Priority!”

Ron M., PA

“The worst thing about the product is that you feel so great you forget to take it…I highly recommend, it pays for itself!”

Staci E., WI

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