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Somaya Life™ is the first Anthrobiotic of its kind with intelligent strains of beneficial bacteria that are individually selected to elevate the digestive microbiome, work on gut acid, block unwanted invaders, and modulate immune communication.

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World Changing Challenges

The human body is challenged more daily, than ever before - From the food eaten to the air breathed.

Pollen and mold counts are on the rise in the air, placing the human body’s immune system under challenge.  “Seasonal allergies and asthma…trend data suggests that the prevalence of asthma, including forms of the disease triggered by pollen, mold and other allergenic substances, is on the rise,” (Environmental Health Perspectives, 2016).

Global warming , reduce inflammation, asthma prevention

Hyperimmune vs. Autoimmune

The body’s gut bacteria and immune system influence the microbiome, digestion, and overall health. “A huge proportion of your immune system is actually in your GI tract”, Dan Peterson of John Hopkins School of Medicine. (The Gut: Where bacteria & the Immune System Meet)

The immune system is under attack from hyper exposure to toxins or foreign substances and even attacking itself through autoimmune response. These attacks cause inflammation which is harmful to the body.

T Cell immune development is enhanced by 1E-1™

ProportionofCD4+ lymphocytes (less T cell Infiltration) in thegastrointestinal tract at 9 days of agegiven Lactobacillus reuteri strain1E-1™inwater compared to control animals.

Bos-Angle,K. et al., 2007 J.Anim.Sci. Vol.85, Suppl. 1/J. Dairy Sci. Vol.90, Suppl.1/Poult.Sci. Vol 86, Suppl.1 p.248

Immune Modulation

Research shows that T Cell immune development is enhanced by the 1E-1™ in Somaya Life™. This graph represents the immune development that occurred with the presence of 1E-1™.

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