Many doctors recommend taking a probiotic while taking antibiotics.
Would Somaya Life™ be a better alternative?

Yes! Somaya Life™ is considered an Anthrobiotic, which is beyond a probiotic. You can take Somaya Life while you are taking antibiotics or as a daily supplement to feed your microbiome and strengthen the gut.  

What is Somaya Life's™ Anthrobiotic?

Anthrobiotic is a term coined by Somaya Life and can be defined as for the health of humans. Anthro: human, Biotics: pertaining to the health of. Anthrobiotic supplements contain strains specifically chosen to benefit digestion, immune communication, microbiome balance, and work on gut acid. These key players in your gut determine a lot about your health, consumers notice changes in their skin, allergies, digestion and more after choosing Somaya Life.

How does Somaya Life™ work?

80% of the human immune system comes from our digestive system. Somaya Life Smart Strains™ have specific modes of action in our digestive tract that regulate immune communication, enhance the digestive microbiome, inhibit pathogens, and work on gut acid.  Together, this creates a healthy and happy gut able to properly nurture the rest of the body.

How can Somaya Life™ influence the immune system?

The molecular DNA sequencing technology we use today is able to identify which strains performs which specific action in the gut. The symbiotic relationship between gut function and immunity is enhanced by expertly chosen bacteria in the gut able to properly regulate immune function.

What is a recommended dose? Can I do more? Can I do less?

The recommended dose is one capsule of Somaya Life daily, which can be taken with or without food! But as we like to say, "When you’re in a rut, trust your gut"  You can take up to three capsules (three times a day) when you feel like you could use an extra boost.

Should I take Somaya Life™ daily?

We recommend that you do take this product every day, our reasoning? Proactive health – doing something nurturing to your body daily is the best way to stay in touch with how you feel so no symptom gets out of hand.

Unfortunately, due to our environment we intake preservatives, pollutants, and  chemicals every day. These factors along with antibiotics, sugars, alcohol, age, diet variations, chlorination, fluoride, travel and even inconsistent eating patterns all negatively impact a healthy microbiome.

So yes, we recommend taking Somaya Life every day. You'll also see the best results through consistency.

Why isn’t the immune system working naturally?

There are many factors in immune health, some we listed above, but there's more and data shows they are increasing rapidly. Mold spores, allergens, and pollution are increasing and are rapidly challenging our bodies suppressing immune function.

Again, there are other factors too, from how much sleep you get, to how much alcohol you're drinking. So be mindful of what goes in your body when you can.

What is a prebiotic?

A prebiotic is simply food for the bacteria. Eating breakfast, lunch, dinner are all considered prebiotics. Somaya Life™ also contains a proprietary prebiotic.

How do you keep Somaya Life™ cold during shipment?

Somaya Life™ is shipped from Priority and will arrive with an ice pack to prevent exposure to extreme heat during transit. It is normal for the ice packs to be melted and even warm on arrival, don't fret. The ice packs have protected the product during shipment but please remember to refrigerate upon arrival.

Why refrigeration?

The Smart Strains™ in Somaya Life™ are living, viable organisms. The cool temperature helps keep them in a dormant state, which in turns ensures the number of bacteria needed are delivered in every capsule.

What is the shelf life of Somaya Life™?

Under refrigeration, shelf life is 26 months!

I am traveling; do I need to keep it refrigerated?

As long as your bottle is not exposed to extreme heat and refrigerated as soon as possible upon arrival, the bacteria in Somaya Life are stable for up to two weeks.

Are the bacteria alive?

Smart Strains™ in Somaya Life™ are alive, but in a dormant state awaiting activation until ingested into the gut. Until you eat them, they're hibernating!

Can Somaya Life's™ strains survive in the lower GI tract?

Yes, the Smart Strains™ have been selected because of their unique pH tolerance levels which allows them to be active even in the GI tract.

Is this product FDA approved?

Somaya Life™ is produced at a FDA inspected facility that follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines under 21CFR part 111. Somaya Life™ meets standards of a dietary supplement. Dietary supplement ingredients and finished products are all regulated by the FDA, under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

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