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Many doctors recommend taking a probiotic while taking antibiotics.
Would Somaya Life™ be a better alternative?

Yes. Somaya Life™ is an Anthrobiotic, which is beyond a probiotic. Somaya Life™ has identified specific fingerprinted strains from millions/millions from a genus/species and these unique Smart Strains™ have specific modes of action, yielding specific functions and roles in digestion and immune health.

Somaya Life™ is called an anthrobiotic – What does that mean?

Anthrobiotics (anthro = human) (biotics = pertaining to the health of) contain specific strains of live microorganisms from families of bacteria with scientifically studied health benefits relating to digestion, immune communication, microbiome balance, and work on gut acid.

How does Somaya Life™ work?

80% of our immune system comes from our digestive system. Our Smart Strains™ have specific modes of action in our digestive system to regulate immune communication, enhance the digestive microbiome, inhibit pathogens, and work on gut acid.

How can Somaya Life™ influence the immune system?

There is molecular DNA sequencing technology available today to identify a specific strain of bacteria that performs specific modes of action. There is a symbiotic relationship with gut function and immunity. By enhancing gut function with specific bacteria, not only does it support immune health, but more importantly regulates immune communication.

What is a recommended dose? Can I do more? Can I do less?

Take one capsule daily with or without food. When you’re in a rut, trust your gut and take up to 3 capsules, 3 times a day.

Should I take Somaya Life™ daily?

Proactive health – We should think about and do something for our bodies daily. A second dose, or more, may be needed when challenged.  

Preservatives, pollutants, chemicals, antibiotics, sugars, alcohol, age, diet variations, chlorination, fluoride, travel, inconsistent eating patterns – Negatively impacting the gut microbiome and the positive, beneficial bacteria.

Why isn’t the immune system working?

Data shows mold spores, allergens, and pollution are increasing at a rapid rate. All of these are challenging our bodies and suppressing immune function.

What is a prebiotic?

A prebiotic is simply food for the bacteria. Eating breakfast, lunch, dinner are all prebiotics. Somaya Life™ also contains a proprietary prebiotic.

Is Somaya Life™ shipped cold?

Somaya Life™ is shipped from Priority and will arrive with an ice pack, this to prevent exposure to extreme heat during transit. It is normal for the ice packs to be melted and even warm on arrival. The ice packs have protected the product during shipment. Refrigerate upon arrival.

Why refrigeration?

The Smart Strains™ in Somaya Life™ are living, viable organisms. The cool temperature helps keep them in a dormant state, which in turns ensures the number of bacteria needed are delivered in every capsule.

What is the shelf life of Somaya Life™?

Under refrigeration, shelf life is at least 26 months.

I am traveling; do I need to keep it refrigerated?

The bacteria are stable for up to two weeks if not exposed to extreme heat. For best product viability, we recommend refrigeration.

Are the bacteria alive?

Smart Strains™ in Somaya Life™ are alive, but in a dormant state like hibernation that will become active when ingested.

Does Somaya Life™ Smart Strains™ survive and are active in the lower GI tract?

The Smart Strains™ have been selected not only for their mode of action, but different pH tolerance levels making them active through out the GI tract.


What research does your product have?

There is data for each of the Smart Strains™ and what they do, their modes of action are quite unique.

Is this product FDA approved?

Somaya Life™ is produced at a FDA inspected facility that follows GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) guidelines under 21CFR part 111. Somaya Life™ meets standards of a dietary supplement. Dietary supplement ingredients and finished products are all regulated by the FDA, under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994.

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