Why refrigeration?


The first snow has fallen. There’s a chill in the air. We can see firsthand how fall starts to roll into winter here in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s a beautiful illustration of hibernation as the world stills for a winter’s sleep.

This same state of sleep applies to the Smart Strains™ of Somaya Life® under refrigeration. The billions of naturally beneficial Smart Strains™ in Somaya Life® are unique individual bacteria with specific roles indigestive health and immune communication. They hibernate through refrigeration and are activated in your gut, fueled by the food you eat.

These Smart Strains™ have the ability to survive and be active at room temperature; however, by providing refrigeration, these Smart Strains™ stay in a dormant state allowing them to be ready for their peak performance when they enter your digestive tract. From there, they provide their benefits to the body through their specific modes of action as:

- Enhancers
  A4000h™, A2020™, LP100™, and LC222™integrate with the body to help elevate the microbiome to unify its efforts.

- Managers
  Prop1-IAC™ work on gut acid to use acid buildup, making beneficial compounds.

- Inhibitors
  B5000h™, B5005h™, and B5150h™ help reduce the growth of pathogens and block unwanted invaders.

- Communicators
  1E-1™ to modulate immune communication as the body’s gut bacteria and immune system influence the microbiome, digestion, and overall health.

Microbiology offers an intricate role as the foundation to life.

All is interconnected.

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