What makes an Anthrobiotic?


Anthrobiotic encompasses the positive impact that microbiology has on human life. The word anthrobiotic breaks down to simply mean:
(pertaining to the health of)

This meaning is ingrained in everything that Somaya Life® brings forward For Healthy Humans®.

What makes Somaya Life® an Anthrobiotic?
Purpose & Intent

What is an Anthrobiotic?
As the first Anthrobiotic of its kind, Somaya Life® is beyond a probiotic. Anthrobiotic is unique, specific strains of naturally occurring bacteria that have a positive association on human life.

Learn more about Anthrobiotics in the Wiki.

Why do I need to take this?
Our lifestyles are changing faster than we can keep up with, and our bodies are struggling to sustain our current lifestyles on their own.  We’re constantly bombarded with stressors, allergens, and pollutants and humanity is facing more health challenges than ever before.

One can naturally empower their body’s immune communication and digestive health to achieve wellness.

What are Smart Strains™?
Smart Strains™ are specific unique individual bacteria that are ‘doers.’ They have a known, specific mode of action that they do in the body and they are very good at it!

The Smart Strains™ delivered in Somaya Life®’s proprietary formula are ‘doers,’ doing jobs that include:
Gut Enhancers:
Enhance and elevate the digestive microbiome
Gut Managers:
Work on gut acid, use excess stomach acid
Pathogen Inhibitors:
Inhibit pathogens, block unwanted invaders to the digestive system
Immune Communicators:
Modulate immune communication and regulate immune response

Somaya Life® - All is interconnected.

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