What is Whole Health?


Our lifestyles are changing faster than we can keep up with, and our bodies are struggling to sustain our current lifestyles on their own.

We’re constantly bombarded with stressors, allergens, and pollutants. Humans are seeing an increasing rise in allergies, autoimmune disorders, and gastrointestinal issues.

We can’t properly digest the food we eat to absorb the nutrients our bodies need. Our bodies are in an unnatural state of disorder.

We see immune systems are weak, not functioning correctly, it seems as though the human body is in a state of chaos.

Whole health isn’t about treating the symptom. Whole health is about empowering the body. While it isn’t integrative medicine, holistic health, or functional medicine; whole health is a deepening enlightenment to focus on wellbeing, connection, and alignment.

With Somaya Life, we passionately believe people can be happier and healthier...Naturally.

Somaya Life exists to help restore our body’s balance, and empower whole health in fellow humans. It is about helping people support their whole health with a connection to the Earth, where these naturally occurring Smart Strains™ originate.  

Microbiology has an intricate role in whole health as the foundation to life.

Somaya Life offers a different way, integrated with whole health.

All is interconnected.

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