What is Microbiology?


Microbiology is life, at the microscopic level.

Just as biology is the natural science of all life and living organisms, microbiology focuses on this microscopic section of life that is naked to the visible eye.

In the human body, there are ten times more microbial cells than there are human cells.

Scientific estimates put the number of strains within the genus and species of a class of bacteria at an unfathomable number of more than a trillion. There are millions of strains of each of the different species that form the estimated population on the Earth at five million trillion trillion bacteria, or scientifically stated as 5x1030. That’s more stars than there are in the galaxy!

Microbiology is interconnected with the health and wellness of humans, plants, animals, and the Earth itself. This is because of the beneficial microorganisms that have specific modes of actions that benefit wellness. This, as the microorganisms can eat something (recycling or using key nutrients such as carbon and nitrogen) to make end products that have a beneficial impact.

All is interconnected.

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