We are Nature, Nature is Us


We are nature; intricately connected to and nurtured by the Earth. With Gaia as our source for nutrients, health, wellness, and community we are truly the product of our environment.

There is profoundness in the interconnection, the creation of bonds that sustain life. We draw on this connection, the power of creation and see it come to life as artists harness and disseminate this energy.

Unleashing the artistic connection and radiating the energy, Venezuelan artist Suwon Lee shares her translation from nature, “It’s as if the grandeur of nature and the landscape helped me to accept the harsh social reality…when we grasp that absolutely everything in this world and in the universe is interconnected, we understand that we are the result of nature’s evolution, and we cannot exist without her. We let cities grow indiscriminately and pollution increase; we couldn’t care less, it seems, about the ecosystems we destroy along the way. Somewhat powerless, we passively witness this abduction of nature.

Filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky shared the same unbounded connection to nature in the Andrei Tarkovsky: Interviews, “…we are dependent on nature. We are the result of its evolution. I think to neglect nature is, from an emotional and artistic point of view, a crime. Above all it is stupid, because nature always give us the sensation of the truth.” The urban landscape can be contemplated and beheld thanks to the distance and shelter provided by nature. The only way cities and their inhabitants can survive is if they become profoundly aware of the importance of safeguarding natural resources and the environment in a sustainable fashion.

If nature goes, so do we; there is no separation. Our synergies and awareness bring co-creation for the new earth.

Somaya Life® - All is interconnected.

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