Trust Your Gut


Did you know that the gut microbiome can influence our stress and mood?

The lack of the right bacteria in our digestive tract can leave us more susceptible to stress while the positive, influential bacteria provide a communication network having synergetic communication with our immune system, offering a natural way to defend the body from invaders such as viruses. This amazing ability to influence our health and wellbeing stems from the fact that microorganisms have communication abilities that interact with our nerves, like the vagus nerve, neurotransmitters, and play a role in stress response.

The Brain-Gut Connection and the fact that in the gut is where the majority of our immune system resides is among the many reasons how good health is linked to gut health. There’s a lot more than digestion happening in the gut.

As the site of our intuition and the gateway to our environment, the gut connects us to the outside world to nourish and ground us. Stress can manifest in the digestive tract in a number of ways: excess acid production yielding ulcers, depressed digestion with constipation, inefficient digestion producing diarrhea, and a host of other concerns and complications.

Ensuring the right bacteria are in your gut is a key step to empower digestive health. If you’re in a rut, trust your gut!

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