Questions on probiotics


There are a lot of questions about probiotics:
               - Do I need a probiotic?
               - What is a good probiotic?
               - Which probiotic is best?
               - How do I pick a probiotic?
               - Do I need a prebiotic?

It’s complicated for sure, so here is a beginner’s guide to buying a probiotic:

How do I buy a probiotic? DON’T

Tip 1: Don’t settle for a probiotic
A probiotic is a general category. Do you know if the bacteria strains have a mode of action in the body? What do the bacteria strains actually do for you? Do you know if the bacteria strains can survive on the shelf?
Solution: Somaya Life®, the only anthrobiotic, is beyond a probiotic.

Tip 2: Understand what’s in it
Products that are just a prebiotic include food for the bacteria, which is also available in your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even in a snack. The unique Smart Strains™ of bacteria are what matter!
Solution: Select the first Anthrobiotic. Anthrobiotics (anthro = human) (biotics= pertaining to the health of) contain specific strains of live, natural microorganisms that have a proven purpose and mode of action in the body to benefit digestive health and immune communication.

Tip 3: Know your bacteria
Solution: Somaya Life® delivers Smart Strains™, specific unique individual bacteria that are ‘doers.’ They have a job to do in the body and they are very good at it - Bacteria with a purpose!

Naturally empower immune communication and digestive health to achieve wellness through gut health.

Somaya Life® - All is interconnected.

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