Microbiome is Life


#Microbiomes4Life and the celebration of #WorldMicrobiomeDay bring forward awareness to the powerful role that microorganisms have. This microscopic life has a tremendous influence on our own health and wellness, as well as affecting the health in the world around us through the animals, soil, and plants!

Recent study and consideration of the microbiome is delivering a better understanding of how microorganisms benefit humanity. In fact, the right microorganisms contribute to the long-term health of humans and animals, the sustainability of our planet, as well as providing solutions to solve some of the greatest challenges of our time.

Humanity’s initial regard to microorganisms had been mostly negative, seeing them as a problem or cause of diseases as recalled in The War on Germs. With more learning about this tiny life and their interactions we find that pathogens, or the bad actors, have gotten all the attention and press; meanwhile there are good guys, positive microorganisms that bring forth power and strength to do good and far outweigh the bad actors’ negativity. The microbiome brings forward a natural symbiosis. In fact, a Forbes article cites that microbiologists have brought forward the learning from the good guys seeing that these “Microbes support all higher life forms.”

As we celebrate #WorldMicrobiomeDay, we embrace the powerful, positive little guys – These microscopic organisms with big names and even bigger jobs. As the 1st Ingredient™ for healthy humans - Somaya Life™ anthrobiotic, first of its kind, delivers Smart Strains™ through a unique and one of a kind formula. These Smart Strains™ are building and helping the microbiome. The bacteria of Somaya Life® are naturally occurring, originate from the Earth,  and are all part of what the human body is supposed to have.  

Somaya Life® - All is interconnected.

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