Live with Purpose


As many kick off the New Year with resolutions, it’s a lovely time to reflect on living with purpose.

Somaya Life® was born with purpose. Visionary and founder of Priority, Richard V. Breunig foresaw the need to serve the health and wellness of humanity through microbiology. With a foundation built on education, driven by the purpose to serve; Priority is committed to achieve a healthy humanity through microbiology – For Healthy Humans®.

Somaya Life® has a purpose to naturally empower immune communication and digestive health. As the only anthrobiotic, the proprietary formulation of Somaya Life® delivers specific modes of action for digestive and immune health.

Additionally, each Smart Strain™ of intelligent strains of beneficial bacteria in each capsule, have a true purpose in the gut (where the immune system is) to restore the body’s healthy balance. These Smart Strains™ provide specific benefits to whole health through the following modes of action:

- Enhancers: Elevate the digestive microbiome
- Managers: Work on gut acid
- Inhibitors: Block unwanted invaders that infiltrate the gut
- Communicators: Modulate immune communication: Directing immune response and regulating action

Live with purpose.

Somaya Life® -All is interconnected.

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