Learning Somaya Life Vocab

by Meredith Graf

What makes the formula of Somaya Life® so impactful?  

The microscopic Smart Strains™ in the unique formula of Somaya Life® provide specific "modes of action" in the body. Here are just a few of the roles they have with big impact on human health:

Appropriate Response
One of the most important roles that all the Smart Strains™ deliver in the body is the appropriate response. When in the digestive tract, these Smart Strains™ understand the lay of the land, can sense the community they are in, and take the appropriate course of action in the body. What this means is that they are communicating the appropriate immune response by not overstimulating or under stimulating.

Moreover, these Smart Strains™ that originate from the Earth are naturally occurring. They should naturally exist in the body, but don’t. By reuniting with the body, it is truly a return back of ‘one’s own’ original microbiome; just as the word appropriate traces back to the Latin meaning ‘to make one’s own’!

The definition of modulation: “the exertion of a modifying or controlling influence on something.”

The immune system is naturally robust, but for most it is not functioning to the level it is supposed to. Overstimulated, overworked, simply overloaded; the body is craving modulation to bring the body back into alignment.

Qui-what??? Quiescence is like the state of Zen, where everything is in alignment, balanced, and where functions are efficient and noise is calmed down. The calm state allows for bodily functions and communications to be in unity with responses.

The Smart Strains™ provide the body quiescence, offering the bodily functions the ability to calm down. In this state, the body is better able to respond to the challenge at hand, empowering whole health.

Somaya Life® - All is interconnected.

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