June Dairy Month


Somaya Life® was born with purpose. Visionary and founder of Priority, Richard V. Breunig foresaw the need to serve the health and wellness of humanity through microbiology.

The passion and pursuit that led to the development of Somaya Life® stems from Priority’s strong roots originating from dairy farming. Learn more about Priority H here.

Priority embraces their dairy legacy and celebrates June Dairy Month. The history of this tradition stems back to 1915 as the first national promotion of milk and dairy products by the National Dairy Council. More than two decades later, June Dairy Month started as National Milk Month as grocery stores nationwide launched "Keep Youthful-Drink Milk."

With a commitment to health and wellness, Priority’s start came through providing service to dairy farmers across the globe. Maintaining a research and product development focus, Priority believes ‘the why’ matters and approaches business with purpose and intent that is for the win-win.  

Priority raises a toast to the efforts these farmers take to care for their cattle and to supply the growing population with a source of nutrition.

Cheers to June Dairy Month!

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