Immune Modulation


Immune booster  - Immune support

I hear things stated such as:
- Immune boosters
- Immune support
- Stimulate the immune system

However, if our immune system is broken and unable to function appropriately, giving it more to do isn’t the answer.

The need is immune modulation. Immune modulation is more than just boosting the body's immune system. This is much different than stimulating a broken system. The health of the microbiome has a symbiotic relationship influencing immune response to the inflammatoryTh1, antibody-promoting Th2, and regulatory Th3 T cells. There are organisms today called Smart Strains™ - As an Anthrobiotic to serve the immune system by calling the appropriate response to a pathogen or virus entering the body.

Immune modulation provides the appropriate response to a pathogenic challenge by influencing the T cells responsible for regulation, antibody production, and appropriate inflammation response - This the way the body was designed and intended to work as a robust immune system.

The gut is directly correlated to the function of the immune system. The health of the microbiome has a symbiotic relationship to the effectiveness of the immune system to defend the body.  Microbiology influences the regulatory, antibody producing, and inflammatory T cells.

With more than 20 years of experience in microbiology, our family-owned company has an understanding of good, beneficial bacteria – We call them Smart Strains™ because of their unique modes of actions and the impressive effect they have in the body.

With four pillars to immune health, Somaya Life® delivers Smart Strains™ that elevate the digestive microbiome, work on gut acid, inhibit pathogens, and modulate the immune response.

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