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People are asking more questions and searching. Searching for help. Searching for solutions. Searching for the truth.

The quest for health and wellness can be daunting, but the reward is within reach. The answers you seek are within reach. Your health is within reach.

Modern medicine is being surpassed with holistic, naturalist, and more intrinsic approaches looking to naturally empower the body. Those on a health quest and pursuit for knowledge are questioning everything, personally committing to their health and wellness to better understand their needs, doing their own research, searching for the truth. Taking action - No permission needed. Empowered individuals are trusting their gut and moving forward with their truth, finding comfort and results.

Richard V. Breunig, Founder and Inventor of Somaya Life®, hears amazing feedback from others as they see health benefits with Somaya Life®. The reviews from customers shared on Facebook are just a small touch on the stories he hears from satisfied customers, people whose health bettered, wellness aligned, and outlook empowered.

Having brought forward the world’s first and only anthrobiotic, Richard shares how the medical field originally ignored and/or diminished the positive impacts the microbiology of Somaya Life® offers. But times have changed. Today, there are doctors, nurses, and health care professionals also searching for truth; directing, recommending, and supporting the first anthrobiotic of its kind – Somaya Life®.  Somaya Life® is a great tool for their energy and health, as gut health and immunity are interconnected and the nucleus of all body functions.  

As Richard shares from the positive accolades and experiences with customers, he brings forward awareness, “There is no risk of overdose. There is no risk of interactions with medicines. There is no risk of side effects. Somaya Life® contains natural strains of bacteria that originate from the Earth and are meant to be in our body, but are not anymore. Why aren’t they there?”

That’s right. The Smart Strains™ of Somaya Life® originate from the Earth. Why aren’t they there?

As Richard shares his insights here and doctors are saying stay the course; Somaya Life® is bringing what works to life.

Somaya Life® - All is interconnected.

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