Hunting for Smart Strains™


The search for Smart Strains™ was a daunting task. Not only did it take diligent identification, but understanding each microorganism and their function, evaluating their ability to survive, the environment they preferred to live, and the ability to activate and perform their mode of action in the body made the selection process strenuous. But this continued search and review allows Priority to ensure that the customer only receives the highest quality and best performing product available.

Not all bacteria or bacteria strains are the same, the strain truly matters. The strain is the unique individual, the needle in the haystack. Found from the masses as there are numerous species of bacteria, with scientific estimates at more than a trillion. There are trillions of strains(or subspecies/subtypes) of each of the different species that form the estimated population on the Earth at five million trillion, trillion bacteria, or scientifically stated as 5 x 10^30 bacteria.

Just as there are notable differences among individual people, the same is true between this unimaginable number of bacteria strains. Among the many strains within each family of living bacteria, there are significant differences between each individual strain. Some strains have little impact or can even negatively affect the host, while others are beneficial, even smart.

The Smart Strains™ delivered in Somaya Life®’s proprietary formula are only available through Priority and have been through a diligent search, quite the scavenger hunt, to find those that have the following modes of action, which include:

               Gut Enhancers: Enhance and elevate the digestive microbiome

               Gut Managers: Work on gut acid, use excess stomach acid

               Pathogen Inhibitors: Inhibit pathogens, block unwanted invaders to the digestive system

               Immune Communicators: Modulate immune communication and regulate immune response

Somaya Life® - All is interconnected.

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