Herd Immunity


Commitment to the health of animals, plants, and humans has been a lifelong pursuit of Richard Breunig, culminating with the creation of Priority more than 20 years ago. As a self-taught, entrepreneur, Richard Breunig established Priority H, LLC, as part of his evolution as he uncovered the impact of microbiology on health and wellness. Interestingly enough, Priority’s foundation is with cows, and today a hot topic in health and wellness is all about herd immunity.

Herd immunity occurs naturally through disease exposure challenging the immune system, to which a robust immune system creates an antibody to defend against the disease. This natural phenomenon has been recognized in animal care since the inception of agriculture.  

What is herd immunity?
Herd immunity is the concept that when a large percentage of the population (herd)is immune to a disease, it minimizes the ability for that disease to spread making the whole herd immune.

What does it mean to be immune?
The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines immune as “having a high degree of resistance to a disease,” and “produced by, involved in, or concerned with immunity or an immune response,” and “having or producing antibodies or lymphocytes capable of reacting with a specific antigen.”

Can herd immunity occur naturally?
Only if every immune system is working appropriately. Each individual immune system needs to be functioning correctly so that the vast majority of the population is able to produce the antibody to the disease; therefore achieving immunity.

Can a vaccination provide herd immunity?
The immune system needs to be functioning correctly and be able to respond to, make antibodies, and then be able to store and retrieve these antibodies to prevent the spread of a disease.

While the basis of vaccines and vaccination is to familiarize the individual’s immune system with the pathogen in question, it relies on the immune system to function correctly and appropriately in order to produce the antibody when needed. Unfortunately, we are facing more challenges to our body than ever before. Our immune systems are challenged and at times are overresponding and under responding with no rhyme or reason (hyper and autoimmune reactions).

One can naturally empower their body’s immune communication and digestive health to achieve wellness. Learn more about the four pillars to immune health and see insights from President and Founder Richard Breunig on why our naturally robust immune system isn’t working to its fullest here.

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