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What is the function of the digestive system?

Many think of the digestive system as the means to breakdown the food we consume. But the digestive tract is also our body’s first line of defense against the pathogens and outside world. Home to many organs, the digestive tract starts with our mouth, throat, esophagus, and stomach or gut. These tissues serve as a gateway for the outside world, which is why it is essential that they be able to protect and defend the body.

This gateway mechanism is why the majority of the body’s immune system is on the digestive tract. And this digestive and immune system connection is how the gut microbiome with gut bacteria affects the brain and body.  

Somaya Life® brings forward the concept that when you are in a rut, trust your gut. This is your intuition! Awareness to how you and your body are feeling can be a key insight to your digestive needs and support. Daily challenges, changing environments, and the food we eat are all affecting this, taking the body off track.

People are looking for natural remedies and natural medicines for allergies to natural solutions to treat acid reflux, fix health problems, remove inflammation, stop GERD, and keep the gut healthy. The search for foods that boost your immune system or even how to boost your immune system is a pursuit that looks to the wrong source. The answer is through enhancing and managing the gut microbiome, providing good bacteria vs bad bacteria.

Learn more about Somaya Life® and our blog on how to help gut health.

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