Evolution to Somaya Life


The inventor is the expert, striving to empower through innovation.

Growing up on a farm and then developing and managing for 20 years a world renown farm for its animal genetics and patron cow DRA August the farm became the research and learning ground – cows were the teachers. With a 10 year span researching and uncovering the impact of microbiology nutrition on health and well-being, he launched the Priority family business in 1998 to help others.

With a producer (farmer) commitment to benefit health and wellness, Priority introduced Gold Spike® in 2007 for animals with Smartbacteria that support the immune system and inhibit pathogens. As those feeding their animals became aware of the effects of Gold Spike® they continued to reduce and eliminate the use of antibiotics for a different way.

This natural way fostered a quest for human health, as farmers and their families requested a product that they and their families could use. This lead to GoldSpike™ H, formulated for human use in 2017 with Smart Strains™ that delivered a third component to support the digestive microbiomes, in addition to eliminating pathogens and supporting immune health.

To continue to serve the greater good and provide a product that could help the growing need, Priority launched Somaya Life™. With a name changed for clarity, Somaya Life™ contains the same beneficial Smart Strains™ as GoldSpike H, with an additional Smart Strain to work on gut acid.

We are all connected in oneness.

From the Earth, as all life originates, the Smart Strains™ of Somaya Life connect our bodies to our roots to communicate with the immune system, inhibit pathogens, enhance the digestive microbiome, work on gut acid, inhibit pathogens, and modulate the immune system.

The first anthrobiotic of its kind, Somaya Life is the 1st Ingredient for healthy humans.

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