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Humans and all life exists and benefits from the microbiology on Earth.

While most of our awareness is from the concerns with disease or pathogens in microbiology, there is a large world of very beneficial microorganisms supporting our body needs. All is derived from the Earth. Unable to be seen by the naked eye, this microscopic world offers the ability to heal and thrive; learn more about this beneficial relationship through the Brain –Gut Connection.

The microbiome has to be right before your digestive tract can do its job.

Digestion and the absorption of nutrients are critical tasks that specific microorganisms can provide within our own digestive system. In fact, the Gut Enhancers of Somaya Life® provide a vital role in digestion, breaking down complex carbohydrates to nutrients that the body can absorb and use. Without this work being done, the body is inefficient at utilizing supplements and nutrients as the digestive system isn’t as functional at breaking down, absorbing, and delivering these nutrients needed.

Another valuable role that the proprietary formula of Somaya Life® offers is through its Gut Managers, these are the specific Smart Strain™ that works on gut acid. Acid indigestions, acid reflux, and GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) all have the commonality of a buildup of gut acid and a slowdown of digestion due to the lack of the organism that uses this acid to make an energy source the body can use.  By providing the Smart Strain™ that consumes, or breaks down, this acid; they are turning something that causes discomfort and digestive upset into something the body can use, all while creating a more efficient environment for digestion.

Through microbiology, Somaya Life® offers a different way.

Somaya Life® - All is interconnected.

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