Brain – Gut Connection


The body is intimately connected through microbiology in ways not truly understood, nor appreciated.

Did you know that microorganisms have the ability to communicate among themselves and their environment through chemical and electrical pulses? The human body is home to an average of more than 100 trillion microorganism. Their network builds an intricate infrastructure by which chemical communication and electric events travel through the body much like the transportation grid of highways, roads, bridges, waterways, and railways spanning and connecting across the United States. The similarities and intricacies of ‘simple’ microorganisms and the complicated human nervous system are profound.

The connection through the nervous and communication network is also true for the gut and brain. With 85% of your immune system on your digestive tract, the digestive system serves as a valuable barrier against leaky gut. The intestinal wall is lined with epithelial cells, held together with fiber junctions known as intercellular tight junctions (or TJs). When the gut is healthy, these junctions more tightly hold the epithelial cells together and a mucosal lining is an added defense. While these are a barriers to pathogens entering the bloodstream, they also serve as home to Gut Enhancers and Pathogen Inhibitors from Somaya Life®. These Smart Strains™ assist the body to prevent harmful pathogens and toxins from entering the system; while also helping the gut control inflammation, maintain proper nutrient absorption, and produce many different compounds that can affect brain health.

Somaya Life® is a different way, allowing the body to have gut health and appropriate immune regulation through this naturally existing Brain – Gut Connection. All made possible with microbiology!

As the first Anthrobiotic of its kind, Somaya Life® is beyond a probiotic; bringing the role of microbiology in health and wellness to the forefront.

Somaya Life® - All is interconnected.

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