All is Interconnected


Somaya Life’s Smart Strains™ from the Earth originate from nature, from the Earth’s soil. All is interconnected.

It’s this interconnection, understanding, and appreciation of microbiology that makes us the only anthrobiotic. Microbiology is the key to life. We recognize the value of microbiology. Microorganisms surround us and our environment; they are everywhere, even in us!

The life cycle of the World is built on the foundation of microbiology.

The mitochondria that is the powerhouse of the human cell and the chloroplasts that power photosynthesis in plants all stem from bacteria. Microorganisms in the soil nourish plants and help transform gases and nutrients to a state that is usable. In addition, microorganisms serve an important role in breaking down materials to create soil.

It is the state of symbiosis, this mutually beneficial relationship, which allows the unique formula of Somaya Life® to benefit human health and wellness.   Through Smart Strains™ of microorganisms with true purpose and tasks that can serve and benefit the human body, Somaya Life® offers a different way through microbiology!

Somaya Life® - All is interconnected.

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