About Allergies

by Meredith Graf

The sniffles, building pressure in the sinuses, or a tickle in the throat, are all recognizable signs of an allergic reaction. What most people don't know is that it all goes back to inflammation.  

Allergies are a huge stimuli to the body stemming from the body’s response to exposure to dander, pollen, molds, toxins from the environment and more;  Unfortunately, the presence of environmental allergies are on the rise.

As Dr. Randolph Lipchik, Pulmonologist with Froedtert Hospital, shared with Wisconsin Public Radio, “When people are exposed to ozone or high levels of particulate, allergic inflammation is worsened…causing more trouble breathing, more coughing, more chest congestion, and shortness of breath.”

Allergies are the 6th most prevalent chronic illness in the U.S., costing in excess of $18 billion for those afflicted by them. Why are Allergies on the Rise? finds that “Many more Americans have other or additional allergies. At last count, more than half of all Americans (54%) test positive to at least one of the top 10 allergens.”

But why?

One common hypothesis for why the cases of allergies have doubled in such a short amount of time is the over stimulation of the immune system and the immune system’s inability to correctly respond. Record increases in pollen, (15% increase in ragweed pollen in last 20 years,) contribute to an environment that is bombarding the body with antagonists earlier and longer each year.

The second component, is that our naturally robust immune system isn’t functioning the way it was designed to, as found by our founder Richard Breunig. Weakened immune system correlates directly to increased inflammation and decreased body function.

With the gut being the epicenter of the body, it provides the natural way to health; the unique formula of Somaya Life® offers gut enhancements that elevate the digestive microbiome, gut acid management, pathogen inhibitors, and immune communication, directing immune response and regulating action.

Somaya Life® is the all-natural, safe alternative, meant to be in the body naturally to align and balance the gut, bringing the naturally robust immune system to life.

Somaya Life® - All is interconnected.

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