A Personal Best


Congratulations to the Seamons Family. We shared an update on their giant pumpkin growing here.

Pictured above is their new personal best, a giant pumpkin weighing in at 1,448lbs.

Grown with Calf Gold™ 3E, this product is very beneficial in calf care and health and even includes some of the unique Smart Strains™ of Somaya Life™.

The Enhancers and Inhibitors through their unique mode of actions have a tremendous influence in plant health. These modes of actions also offer benefits to all life, For Healthy Plants™ and For Healthy Humans® too, with:

- Enhancers: A4000h™ & A2020™ produce potent compounds called bacteriocins, which research shows inhibit and kill pathogens.

- Enhancers: LP100™ and LC222™ integrate with the body to help elevate the microbiome to unify its efforts.

- Inhibitors: B5000h™, B5005h™, and B5150h™ help reduce the growth of pathogens. Research finds these unique Smart Strains™ showed inhibition when surveyed against bacterial isolates in the pathogen library with reductions of: 89% on Clostridium, 100% on E. coli, and 99% on Salmonella.

Microbiology plays an intricate role in health as the foundation to life.

All is interconnected.

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