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Somaya Life is part of the Priority IAC family of companies. The web of companies was founded by Richard Breunig, a self-taught entrepreneur and dairy farmer, after he uncovered the impact of microbiology on the bodies health and wellbeing.

His findings of microorganisms in the soil and their profound impact on quantum wellness led to the creation of the world's first Anthrobiotic.

Now, him and his team work to distribute their product from their location in Manitowoc Wisconsin, ensuring that each product is shipped with care. By buying a bottle of Somaya Life you are supporting a family owned and run small business!

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Why We Need Anthrobiotics

World Changing Challenges

The human body is challenged more daily, by food and environmental factors, than ever before.

Pollen and mold counts are on the rise in the air, putting the human bodies immune system under great stress. "Trend data suggests that the prevalence of allergies as well as asthma triggered by pollen, mold and other allergenic substances, is on the rise,” (Environmental Health Perspectives, 2016).

"A huge proportion of your immune system is actually in your GI tract” - Dan Peterson of John Hopkins School of Medicine.

The immune system is under attack from hyper exposure to toxins or foreign substances and even attacking itself through autoimmune response. These attacks cause inflammation which is harmful to the body.

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