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The inventor is the expert, striving to empower through innovation. Self-taught, entrepreneur Richard Breunig founded Priority H, LLC. As part of the Priority Family-Owned Companies, Richard launched the foundation company Priority IAC in 1998.

His uncovering of the impact of microbiology on the body’s health and well-being came from a traumatic event when the farm he managed experienced a feed mix error that led to animals dying. At one of his life’s most challenging times, abandoned and ill-advised, Richard persevered to uncover the impact of microbiology in the World and its role in quantum wellness.

With his hands-on experience in the field and practical knowledge, Richard self-studied microbiology, nutrition, and wellness to develop Priority. His concepts and unique perspectives have led him across the globe and into other fields to better understand the cycles of life and how microorganisms that originate from the soil have such a profound impact. With an understanding of the unique modes of action of the Smart Strains, the connection and impact of microbiology within the ecosystem and our bodies is profound.

This passion and pursuit led to the development of Somaya Life™ - Anthrobiotic.

Part of the Priority Family-Owned Companies
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